Clinical symptoms

Clinical symptoms In the act of breathing involved supporting musculature: observed retraction of the jugular fossa, intercostal, subclavian and over-spaces.

Equivalent dyspnea in infants is nodding his head in time breathing, swelling of the cheeks and lips stretch.

Thorax inflated.

There have frothy mouth and nose.

Clinical symptoms of uncomplicated focal pneumonia influenced treatment disappear after 10-12 days.

Segmental pneumonia in children of all ages and is characterized by lesions of one or more segments of the lung.

The clinical picture of the disease is the same as with focal pneumonia, and depends on the location and extent of the lesion.

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In the first

In the first Some babies with enthusiasm Play inimayut various flavors and formulations, while others resist "foreign" substances, which parents are trying to put a spoon in their mouths.

During this period of intense and information contained in this chapter will help you along the way.

a period of from 4 to 6 months.

By this time, your child can already start to be interested in that other family members do nym for lunch table, he may even try to snatch you from the hands of some kitchen items.

While still babies do not need that food that is on your table, they instinctively try to copy the actions of their parents.

In the first few weeks of s children take quite a bit of solid food, because during this period they are still learning to take food from a spoon.

Initially, when you put food in your mouth baby, what language will reflexively push content back out of his mouth.

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The fact that

The fact thatIntroduction porridge as foods (and in Russia it is traditionally the second dish cerned feeding after vegetable puree) is recommended when the child reaches 5-month age children, or about 2 weeks after the vegetables. The fact that the child is starting to get commences in one of the feeding porridge instead of breast milk, in no way does not imply that means that stops breastfeeding. Offered by domestic and Zara inevitably producers ready porridge fortified with iron, a number of countries are in a first meal. They meet the need not only carbohydrates, protein, but also vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, and E in the basic mineral substances (calcium, phosphorus, etc.).

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Spend some time

Spend some time More like children to crawl behind mom.

In newborns tion two main desires: to be around you and enjoy but vopriobretennym way to move in order to explore envi ronmental world.

A child who is not yet walking and not able to support your body in an upright position, lives in a horizontal world.

Pe Reid briefly at his level, the floor level.

Spend some time together on the floor, playing and doing some exercise.

Of course, the environment must be safe, and the floor - clean, heat lym and smooth.

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During the summer

During the summer Specific prevention of term infants performed with 3 to 4 weeks of age 0.

125% or 0.

0625% oil solution of ergocalciferol.

Vitamin D administered in a daily dose of 500 ME for the 1st and 2nd year of life in the autumn, winter and spring seasons.

During the summer period (June to September) specific prevention with vitamin D is not performed.

If the child was born in May or summer, prevention on the 1st year of life begins in the fall, in September and continues until the summer.

When fed adapted milk formula containing vitamin D, a prophylactic dose is assigned based on the amount of vitamin D, is in the milk mixture, up to a total dose of 400-500 ME per day.

Risk children (premature, sickly, suffering from allergic diathesis, chronic liver disease receiving anticonvulsant therapy, etc.

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